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Photography by Ryan Strong

Ryan Strong started out his professional career as an art director for a local magazine doing design and layout work, and used to go out on the cover shoots and watch the photographers work: “- I thought to myself ‘Hey I could do that and probably do it even better then he is’. So that motivated me to go out and buy a camera about 3 years ago. Since then I’ve positioned my career now as a photographer and have been working professionally for almost 2 years now.

Based out of Kansas it can be hard getting work out there, but thanks to the internet Ryan’s finally starting to get the recognition he deserves: “- An ad agency saw my work on Flickr and contacted me about doing work for HP. HP is running a new campaign that market their mini laptop to a fashion forward audience, so HP will use one of my fashion photographs in one of their campaigns in Europe.

Ryan says this about his inspirations: “Cinema has always inspired me. It has the ability to incorporate photography, the art of music as a soundtrack, spoken word that’s been written in a form of a screenplay, acting, lighting there’s so much that goes into making film. I would really like to start delving more into film work eventually. I feel that it is the future for editorial and fashion photographers - especially with the way technology is moving ie. iPad version of magazines. I’ve actually shot, directed and scored music for a promotional video for a denim company, Baldwin - this is my first time working with motion work (see it here)

And in the coming weeks he has a couple new photo shoots set up: “- One that I am excited about features styling, hair and make-up inspired by the 1940′s. We are slated to shoot on location in downtown Kansas City financial district that has some really old towering buildings that have so much character.

Here’s some of his work:

Check out the rest of his work here.