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Photography by Renata Raksha

LA-based fashion photographer Renata Raksha has been photographing for 6-7 years and has been published in Teen Vogue, Nylon, Foam and Neon magazines to name just a few. Although she has a unique style with a strong attitude, you can say she is very versatile. Definitely when you take her work for Vans into consideration.

-Photography is great because it lets me collapse a few fields into one, really hit those birds with a stone. I can be a painter, a set and fashion designer, a director, a celebrity all in one.

Originally Renata was born in Russia and when it comes to inspiration she reflected about her Russian childhood: “- I guess I’ve been pretty influenced by my upbringing, growing up hiding from the cold by reading questionable romantic literature. I think Russian people tend to be overly romantic, opulent, and dark in their aesthetic, and this is same for me - terrible! Even my dad reads these books. I’m into ballet, fairy tales, period pieces, Disney, make-up, castles and disco and things. Except I do hope I am at least a little self-aware of the way I use these in my work.

- I’m really inspired by the club and music scene in LA right now as well. There are so many amazing, talented people here who start things that become huge years later. I love to come out dancing and talking surrounded by sexy, weird ones. It’s kind of like that Madonna video Deeper and Deeper. She just comes out at night and goes bananas, carrying her balloons and everything.

Recently Renata joined Nest Artists - alongside Neil Krug, Marina Chavez, Bryan Sheffield and Reuben Wu - so I’m pretty sure we’ll hear more about her soon enough.

Don’t forget to stop by at her portfolio site.