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Photography by Marie Zucker

Berlin based photographer Marie Zucker started taking pictures less than two years ago, when her boyfriend gave her a package of film for her SX70, that she had never used before: “- I just never used it because I didn’t think I had any skills that would be worth to spend so much money on expensive polaroid film. So thanks to my dad for buying me that camera a year before although I have to say he was a bit grumpy about it since he just couldn’t see the sense behind getting an old weird looking thing that’s not in the slightest ability to spit out sharp photos. Lucky me!

She’s inspired by vague things like colors, light and especially words: “- words have a huge influence on what I want to create to be kept in a photo forever, sometimes I have ideas in my head that just sound right but in the end something completely different comes out. I’d say Wendy Bevan, Stacey Mark, Paolo Roversi, Ellen von Unwerth and Tim Talker are the main inspirational influences on me, their photos never fail to make me want to pick up a camera.

Her work keeps floating around the web, and have been seen on the websites of swedish Elle and Cosmopolitan. “- I try to write all the photo ideas that I have into my little booklet to cherish them and to realize them in sequence, I still need to improve and to collect more good things before I can start with commissions I think. I work on getting my own apartment where I can do more things and maybe use it as a “studio” to shoot with models.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out the rest of her work here.