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Photography by Marie-Louise Cadosch

Inspired by mainly movies and music, Zurich based fashion photographer Marie-Louise Cadosch is a great admirer of the works of Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch and the Coen Brothers: “- They influence my ideas for surreal and dreamy scenes. Photographically, I like Steven Meisel for his socio-critical and craziness, Paolo Roversi for his picturesque and Sinisha Nisevic for his cinematic style.

Marie-Louise got into the business of fashion photography back in 2009, and now she’s enjoying working closely as a team with her husband Gian Marc Cadosch: “- We do everything together. I’m the photographer, he’s responsible for the lighting, technical and administrative stuff. I think our learning curve is extremely steep, because we work together. I can fully concentrate on the creative process, while he takes care about the best light and correct camera settings.

She’s had two editorials published in Pulp (New Zealand), and two more are set for the launch issue (Summer 2011) of Astonish Magazine, a San Francisco based print magazine for fashion and art.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out her portfolio here.