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Photography by Mara Zampariolo

Italian born Mara Zampariolo started taking pictures at the age of 7, with her Fisher Price toy camera. Now she’s a well established Paris based photographer, who’s work has been published in publications such as BMM, KULT, Milkshake Magazine, Kiblind, Playing Fashion, Enjoy, Diva and LaMilk. And not only has she worked for commercial clients like YSL and Maison Martin Margiela, she also has a personal permanent exhibition of architecture photography in the Grande Arche, in Paris.

There’s a lot of things that inspire her work, but maybe the most important of all; Location: “- It usually is a location - I am not much of a studio photographer - as I get inspired by the energy of a place, its furniture, its story. I aso get a lot of ideas from music (all of my fashion spreads are named after a song, so I start choosing a song then I try to translate it into pictures) and greek mythology and maths.

As you can see I always try to “break” one axe in my pictures, the axes being X Y Z for space (that’s why my pictures might be blurry where the are not supposed to be, on axe X and Y instead of Z) and on axe T= time (that’s why I “repeat” the same look twice splitting, cropping, taking two moments in time the same space).

What is also very important for me is the casting, and I am not only referring to the model but to the whole creative staff. When shooting I need to work with sensitive, quiet people in a peaceful environment. Models must be passionate about their job. I have the feeling girls
who study art and photography always come up with the most graceful poses and creative ideas. I love shooting dutch girls: in my experience they are always respectful, well educated, a bit shy and with such a natural elegance and poise they look like a piece of art in anything.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out her portfolio here.