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Photography by Kirsten Becken

Düsseldorf (Germany) based photographer Kirsten Becken has been taking pictures for as long as she can remember, and in 2009 she quit her fulltime job as an art director to pursue fashion photography. Since then her work has been featured in Twentyten Magazine, she did the photographic key visual for the See#5 Conference in Germany, and she’s done bits of work here and there.

Her work is inspired both indirectly and directly by people. The people that’s a part of her everyday life, and the situations she experience and go through: “- I am a photographer with a female perspective and through it I seek to create modern views and images. With that said, I really like nature, and connect well with forests, secret places and diverse landscapes. Locations with character and a certain feel to it are important to me. More than make up or styling, I focus on faces, expressions and body language. So I guess I am really inspired by the possibilities photography offers when at interesting location with a specific atmosphere or story. In terms of contemporary photographers I find David Bellemere extremely inspiring.

Right now she’s working on several new editorials, as well as continuing work on her private projects “plain” and “black curtain”.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out her portfolio here.