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Photography by Karla Read

Karla Read started taking photos back in 2008, after graduating from high school: “- I saw a friend’s blog and I wanted to start one of my own.The following year I decided to take it more seriously and started making a portfolio.” In 2010 she made the move from Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), to Buenos Aires to study photography and make a career out of it.

Since the move she’s shot for Factoria Magazine, and now she’s shooting for model agencies while developing an exciting personal project. When asked about her inspiration, she answers: “- I’m mostly inspired by the things I want to be. Things I miss, my childhood and feelings. You see, I’m a really introverted person so photography it’s like the other me, if that makes any sense. It helps me balance things out.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out her Flickr here and her blog here.