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Photography by Gonzalo Corrado

Gonzalo Corrado started shooting back in 2000 while working as a graphic designer, and hasn’t looked back since: “- I got completely caught by it. Now it’s all I do.” Living in Buenos Aires he is inspired daily by the city life and all that surrounds him, and he actively tries to look at everything as a potential source of inspiration: “- I look at photography everyday and everything that crosses my view is an inspiration in any way. Thinking about “who”, I really admire the work of Eugenio Recuenco, Miles Aldridge, and Steven Klein. I really like their approach to photography. Thinking about “what”, as I said, movies, music, visual arts, old photography, art in general, the female body, fashion, I try to keep an eye on all of that.”

His work has been published in publications such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Playboy, Remix, La Nacion among others, and at the moment he finds himself busier than ever: “- I’ve been working for the fashion section in Playboy Magazine for a while now. I’m preparing and producing ideas for each issue, in this case we are making our next shooting in a couple of days. I’m preparing some summer shoots for Remix, and working on other summer editorials. Meanwhile I also find myself working on several campaigns as we are in the middle of the Fall/Winter campaigns season for most of the local brands.

Here’s some of his work:

Check out Gonzalo’s portfolio here.