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Photography by Danielle DeFoe

In love with both fashion and photography, Danielle DeFoe has built up a great portfolio as a stylist before now really taking on photography more serious than ever: “- I’ve always been interested in photography. I took photo classes in college at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago but I don’t think I really took it seriously until the last two years. By seriously I mean I started making work I actually liked, documenting my life, working on set styling. When I first moved to LA I began working for Kenneth Cappello and that experience really exposed me to the industry and the possibilities within it. I realized that I was never going to be the type of person that will end up working in an office, unless I become creative director or fashion editor of a magazine.

Danielle’s based out of Los Angeles, but describes herself as a bit of a wanderlust, with her wings always spread. She finds inspiration in music, art, history literature, fashion and travel: “- Music, art, history, literature, fashion, and travel. The basic building blocks of creativity and culture. I surround myself with a lot of ambitious and brilliant minds. I am constantly learning, researching, and challenging myself to acquire new talents and do things that intimidate me. I like a good challenge. I believe that if you are constantly reaching for the dream that one day you will realize you have become the dream. I have the words “manifest destiny” tattooed down my ribs.

And she lives by it, keeping busy with a lot of exciting projects: “- I just redesigned my website and now I’m ready to start shooting and creating more art. Styling wise I’m going to Vegas for a shoot in the new Cosmopolitan hotel in December, that’s exciting. I am also working on a shoot for WWD the following weekend. I am planning my own shoot styled by my mentor and partner in crime stylist Leila Baboi which will be nothing short of amazing. I am also curating a photo show in January in L.A. which is going to be a great start for the new year. I look back on 2010 and feel like I accomplished a lot and I’m eager to build even more momentum in 2011.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out her portfolio here.

Danielle’s actually been featured on Ben Trovato before, then as a stylist on Jason Lee Parry’s Easy Born Wild Ride shoot back in August.