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Photography by Bryant Eslava

Young photographer Bryant Eslava is currently finishing his last year in high school in Orange County, California, before he’ll shoot off to New York to earn his BFA in photography: “- On my days off from school in New York I’ll be shooting for Nylon U.S and assisting some really well known photographers to get more experience working in the big apple.

His work has been published in a various amount of online publications, and he’s a regular contributor to Nylon Magazine Mexico. He started shooting for real back in 2008: “- The main reason behind that is, I started to take photography serious by staying up hours and studying cameras on my own or finding inspirational music. These last four years seem to be a short amount of time, but to me it’s feels longer, it feels more like ten since I’ve received so many great opportunities.

Bryant’s inspiration is usually based off of music or dreams he’s had: “- The genres of music that inspire are mainly Ambient/Downtempo/Dream-Pop. Some of the dreams I’ve had have been a blur, which lead me into remembering them for at least two days, which have inspired me into creating double exposure photographs.

Here’s some of his work:

Check out his portfolio here.