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Photography by Ann He

She’s 16 years old, based out of Dallas, and she takes beautiful pictures. Ann He is truly what Ben Trovato is all about: -an extraordinary up and coming and talented photographer. She says her inspiration is somewhat like a melting pot of beautiful imagery she comes across online, the mood that certain music evokes, and most of all the models she works with: “- I used to dream up elaborate sets and visualized each frame in my mind, but now I just arrive on a shoot tabula rasa and work with what is happening in that moment.

Ann started shooting a couple of years ago, but shifted her focus towards more fashion and portraits last summer. Since then her work has been featured in both Youth Vision Magazine and Elle Girl Korea, and she’s got new editorials coming up in DMAG and N.E.E.T. Magazine soon. And right now? “- Right now I’m in the process of planning and setting up many shoots with beautiful people and beautiful locations. Besides fashion, I also hope to focus more on candid photos and also artistic concepts. I feel that taking a break from the demands of fashion will help bring me closer to my own vision and photography.

Here’s some of her work:

Make sure to check out her portfolio here.