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Photography by Amel Kerkeni

Amel Kerkeni has always felt like projecting her emotions and ideas, which made her study acting and theatre at an early age. Little by little she felt the urge of freezing ideas, moments and emotions in pictures, and she was 14 when she discovered photography for real when taking her first dark room class. Since then she has never stopped shooting. She says this about her work: “- My artistic approach is essentially symbolic and expressive, and the creation of an atmosphere is my main motivation.

Amel’s work has been published in several online publications, and more is coming as she’s keeping busy at the moment. Being based in Lille (France), she often travels to Paris to shoot and gather inspiration. She says she has no rules while creating, and can find herself inspired by pretty much anything: “- Everything can be source of inspiration, theater, cinema, book, a sentence, a person, music, a light, a story… I have no rules!

Here’s some of her work:

Check out her portfolio here.