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Photography by Alice Rosati

At age of four Alice Rosati received her first camera, a cute little Ninja Turtles exemplar but it wasn’t until 2008 when she made a living out of photography. Her career did certainly took a roaring kick start as we’ve seen her work being featured in Elle France, Jalouse, Dealer De Luxe, Elle Germany, Iodonna, Velvet and Kinky amongst others.

Although she has been a very busy bee, Alice is trying to take things a little bit slower at the moment in order to focus on a personal project: ” -I will be leaving Madrid and dedicate my time to personal research. This city is full of interesting faces and charming places. I’m working on a project called “Arts & Metiers” which consists of a series of portraits of people in their work environment.

Make sure to check out her portfolio site, you can find the link after the jump.

More at alicerosati.com!