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Parc de Sceaux by Caitlin Bellah

Only a week has passed since we ran Laura Cammarata‘s Pre Raphaelite inspired story You Never Know It’s A Nightmare, and today we’re publishing another story by a Ben Trovato favorite, inspired by the same mid 1800s art brotherhood. As Caitlin Bellah‘s fascination with the Pre Raphaelites is evident in many of her unique fashion stories, her absolute main source of inspiration when shooting her second Ben Trovato story was the park she shot at, Parc de Sceaux, which is also the title of her story.

I was staying in my friend Mounia’s hometown of Sceaux, which is right outside of Paris. We had just gotten ourselves a piece of mille-feuille and were heading to the park to sit and eat it. She had said the park was beautiful and was excited to show me it but I was in no way prepared for what I saw. I’m American and what comes to mind when I think of a neighborhood park is something small with some swings and children playing. As soon as I saw the big old blue doors of the entrance I knew I was in for something much different than a typical park- I was going to be in love. I knew I had to shoot there and Charlotte [makeup and hair] and I began frantically sending out emails to make it happen and it did the very next day.”

And what you see on Ben Trovato today is the result of a fashion story built upon that pure moment of inspiration.

The beautiful wardrobe was provided last minute by Jonathan Liang at Nue Clothing, and the striking Alena Dedova at Major Models in Paris joined them for the shoot. “Alena is what a great model is to me. She transformed effortlessly into the character of this story,” Caitlin tells us.

Caitlin had never worked with hair stylist and makeup artist Charlotte Mailhe before, and had been waiting for the right time to come for their first collaboration. “I loved her work so much, it is so emotional and feminine and I was excited to finally come to Paris and work with her. After the shoot she and her husband invited me to come back to Holland with them and I did. I now consider Charlotte a friend and I’m so lucky to have met her!”

Photography by Caitlin Bellah
Modelling by Alena Dedova @ Major Models Paris
Hair & Makeup by Charlotte Mailhe
Wardrobe by NUE by Jonathan Liang
Location - Parc de Sceaux, Sceaux, France