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The Outskirts by Bettina Genten

Brussels based Bettina Genten says she doesn’t consider herself a fashion photographer quite yet, however she say she does enjoy shooting “models and interesting girls wearing beautiful clothes.” Something her portfolio is a good proof of. “I hope to become a fashion photographer one day,” she continues. She might not be shooting campaigns for big commercial clients yet, but we think she has definitely got the right skill set and the eye to wear the title ‘aspiring fashion photographer’ proudly.

Her debut story for Ben Trovato, The Outskirts, is essentially about Vicky Lugentz, the fresh face from Dominique Models starring in the editorial. “Yes, it’s about beautiful girl wandering, and enjoying life on the outskirts of the big city. It might be a dark place, but she shines,” Bettina says, and adds: “-It was first time I’ve worked with Vicky, and I love working with her. She’s so inspiring and I love the way she moves. Sensible and yet a little sexual. I would love to shoot her again in the future.

On a daily basis she says she finds her inspiration in movies, books, and whatever she might stumble upon on the internet.

“Whenever I’m not working I’m looking at pictures, images of all kind created by other photographers. I stare at my bedroom ceiling and I dream of shoots I want to make, of places I want to visit. I hope those thoughts will come true one day.”

What a step in the right direction.

Photography - Bettina Genten
Model - Vicky Lugentz @ Dominique Models
Fashion provided by H&M and Zara