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Nightflash by Fiona Garden

It’s about capturing movement and light - dark layers of sheer, whipping in city wind,” were the words Fiona Garden used when asked to describe her latest story for Ben Trovato, Nightflash. Esther with Select blends in with the inspirational textures of London, highlighted by strong flash and contrast in almost like a what almost seems like semi gothic version of Roxanne Lowit‘s wonderful black and white photography.

Ah Esther,” Fiona says, before adding “She has a brilliant mind and is a really versatile model.

As Fiona has worked with the whole team in the past, she already knew what to expect from her team members, and says “[..] the feeling on this shoot was really relaxed and personal, just how we like it.

Stylist Victoria Sekrier, who also styled Fiona’s previous story for Ben Trovato, explains her was to play with different textures and long beautiful silhouettes.

“The S/S 12 collections were saturated with candy colors and bright patterns. For this story we wanted to go against it and portray an image of an ethereal creature, kind of a dark angel.”

Photography by Fiona Garden
Modelling by Esther @ Select
Styling by Victoria Sekrier
Makeup by Natalie Piacun
Hair by Oscar Alexander
Stylist’s Assistant Sabah Noor