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Take Me Into The Night by Bryant Eslava

2011 has been an eventful year for nineteen-year-old Bryant Eslava. Ben Trovato showcased a selection of his work back in April, before we asked him to be the star of our popular 30 Days / 30 Frames project. Today we’re applying the icing to the cake with his first story for Ben Trovato.

Take Me Into The Night was a part of the joint exhibition we promoted earlier this month with Derek Wood’s story, also entitled Take Me Into The Night.

The concept behind the shoot was to photograph the youth being care-free, yet fashionable and reckless in the streets of New York City,” Bryant explains. “The inspiration for this shoot was one of my own series that I did last year in California (2010). Pretty much the same idea behind the new shoot, but this time in NY.”

Lisa Saeboe, Brittany Cota, Hiann Lee, and Evan Richards are the stars of the story, all friends of Bryant: “- It was actually my first time working with them all. We’ve all suddenly became good friends due to living in the same building. Funny thing is, we’re all photo majors so they completely understood direction and didn’t question me about it.” This also meant that there were no stylist on the shoot, as Bryant gave them guidelines for how to dress before they all met up: “- Yeah, no stylist for this shoot. They all dressed themselves up with the description of the shoot I had in mind.

After his 30 Days / 30 Frames feature on Ben Trovato Bryant tells us his life has been an adventure: “- I’ve met more people I’ve looked up to as a photographer, and I’m continuing to make more connections in the industry. I’m really looking forward to 2012 because I’m changing the way I work. I’ll be turning 20 in September, so Bryant Eslava is going to take things a step further in New York City.

Photography - Bryant Eslava
Models - Lisa Saeboe, Brittany Cota, Hiann Lee, and Evan Richards