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Melise by Petter Karlstrøm

It’s a story about being caught in a moment of mystic and movement,” photographer Petter Karlstrøm explains when asked about his debut story for Ben Trovato; Melise -named after model Melise Williams who stars in it.

When shooting I always look for a rawness and believability in my work,” he says, adding “The combination of the model, the richness and elegance of Melise was enough to keep me shooting for days.”

He continues to praise Melise for her awareness of her body, her length,and how she uses it to create beautiful dynamic shapes.

Having worked with the stylist Leigh Dalton, and makeup artist Lisa Xenides before, Petter knew what to expect of his team. “Every time I work with them we share the same passion for creating something that feels real in an unrealistic way.”

Completing the team was hair stylist Maria Christopoulos and assistant Bryan Dalli.

Stylist Leigh Dalton says her styling “[..] was intended to be deep, rich and create something slightly dramatic weather it be texture, shape or movement. Something beautiful,raw an true to form.”

Photography by Petter Karlstrøm
Modelling by Melise Williams @ Debut management 
Styling by Leigh Dalton
Hair by Maria Christopoulos
Makeup by Lisa Xenides
Retouching by Go Addicted
Photographer Assistant Bryan Dalli
Thanks to “The National Grid” for the space.