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Lost In Reverie by Kate Edwards

Almost every time we work closely with one of our extremely talented photographers we find it intensely hard to wait with pulling the wraps off the end result. But, as we are proud of all of the work we produce and publish, there are some projects that make it up on our office wall of fame immediately. Whether it’s the end result, the process, or just how the photos make us feel. New York based photographer Kate Edwards‘ debut story for Ben Trovato is one of them.

From planning to finished story we’ve been eager to share the project with you, and today the day has come. “Lost In Reverie is about an adventure through what goes in an out of a fun and fashionable ‘daydream’,” Kate explains, adding: “- Liv (the model) is sophisticated but also in a world of her own. I like the idea of exploring a nondescript place.

Catching and projecting the mood and concept perfectly, model Liv O’Driscoll showed to be a dream to work with for the rest of the team on set: “- Liv was AWESOME! She was so energetic, and seriously the most down to earth, ready for anything kind of person. And the most astonishing thing about her is SHES A MOM! She deserves a medal for being the coolest model in the world,” Kate tells us.

The story is a product of Kate’s endless gathering of inspiration, and her obsession with colors: “- I always gather and keep piles of images and thoughts, either on my desktop or in my journal…everything and anything that I can start to form ideas from, which is basically anything that strikes my fancy at any given mood i.e. color palettes, song lyrics, poems, the way light leaks on film, etc. And I often find that a lot of my photography becomes an accumulation of everything I am inspired by all at once.

“I want colors, I want all of them, and I want it to feel like a beautiful daydream.”

In addition to Kate and Liv, the team on set consisted of stylist Souley LO, hair stylist M’Shari Whaley, and makeup artist Ana Lucca. Being Kate’s first time working with all team members - she couldn’t have been happier about their working dynamics: “- Ana, the makeup artist, came across my work a while back and after meeting we realized how many exciting ideas we had for shoots! She then introduced me to Souley and M’Shari and we decided to team up for the first time and produce this shoot. It was absolutely amazing working with each one of them. Everyone really brought the concept and story to life. Whether it was the wardrobe complementing the makeup, or the makeup complementing the environment, we all realized we spoke the same language.

Kate has always loved taking photos, and tells us she still remembers her mother giving her a camera to take a photo for the first time. That was all she needed, the girl was sold. “I still have my first photo I ever took tucked safe away in a drawer! But it wasn’t until my second year in college, while living in Michigan, that I realized I wanted to shoot fashion. What I loved most about photography was imagining something that I wanted to see and figuring out a way to take a photograph of it. I would drag all of my friends to use as subjects and with basically no knowledge of what I was doing I would problem solve until I got the results I wanted. It was so much fun! I eventually decided I wanted to try my luck in New York, and decided to finish my schooling at Parsons for photography.

“I am now 2 years graduated and working my tush off to make it as a photographer!”

Photography by Kate Edwards
Styling by Souley LO
Makeup by Ana Lucca with Lime Crime Makeup
Hair by M’Shari Whaley
Model - Liv O’Driscoll @ IMG Models