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Lonely by Virginie Dubois

The artistic side of Paris is forever flourishing, but this spring Ben Trovato has seen more creativity and beauty from that side of the world than in a long time. Only yesterday we published a unique project coming out of the french capital. Today we float further on the Parisian wave as we present to you Virginie Dubois‘ first exclusive story for Ben Trovato, Lonely.

She made her debut on Ben Trovato back in 2010, when she explained that she bought her first camera in 2008, and never really expected it to turn into a full-time job: “- I was impressed by all the buttons on the camera… It was really just for fun and now it’s my job!

Almost two years later she’s still shooting, and now finally making her break on to Ben Trovato with a colorful, but peaceful story. “When I do a photo shoot I never think about a story,” Virginie explains. “In general, It’s rare for me to really know what I’m going to do. Actually, the model write the story herself.

The goal of the shoot was to create something fresh and colorful in collaboration with Paris and LA based fashion stylist Sarah Kinsumba, who brought on some amazing pieces to dress up model Cassie from Angels Models with.

Cassie was the perfect model,” Virginie says, explaining: “- A Brigitte Bardot look-a-like with a child-like face! She had these woman-child features and freshness that I’d wanted. It was natural to do something with her.

It was Sarah’s idea to bring on some splashes of color through her styling, and Virginie says the combination of Cassie’s innocent looks and the bold colors was a match made in heaven. “- By doing this the story was emerging naturally.

I wanted to expose different sides of Cassie,” Sarah tells us, adding “So I’ve mixed different clothes with different fabrics.

The styling came naturally, I didn’t even think, Cassie was really inspiring. But I wanted a balance and add a modernity into this amazing authentic Parisian apartment,” she continues.

Her favorite pieces from the story are the Charles Jourdan vintage shirts: “- They are older than me and belongs to my mom. They are my lucky charms. My first ever editorial was with one of them but in different colors and I got published 1 year after.

“That’s why I love clothes .They are not just simple pieces of fabric, there is a real story behind them, they can tell you something and bring back great memories.”

Hair and makeup was done by the talented Lamia Bernad, who’s worked with Virginie for a while now: “- I’ve worked with her for a very long time. And I absolutely love working with her! She always knows what I want even before I say anything! I think we live in the same world, we have the same taste. And I wouldn’t change her for anything!

Photography by Virginie Dubois
Styling by Sarah Kinsumba 
Makeup & Hair by Lamia Bernad 
Model - Cassie @ Angels Models Paris