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Took Out A Loan by Mariano Nocitto

Mariano Nocitto approached me last year after just having shot fashion for a few months, and asked me if I could look at some of the pictures he had taken of his friends. It ended up in a highly popular feature of his work on Ben Trovato in September. After this Mariano kept shooting like never before, and he keeps getting better and better. That’s why we were very excited when he in December contacted us from Buenos Aires and asked if he could shoot a story for us. Thousands of shots and 6 months later, his first Ben Trovato Exclusive is ready to be published!

Took Out A Loan features the mesmerizing Lucila Godoy from Civiles, who was styled by Lucila Santoro. Mariano says the story is about portraying fashion in a place where it doesn’t belong:”- In the presence of the city, fashion is everywhere. But in places where we naturally belong fashion becomes the outcast.

Here’s Took Out A Loan by Mariano Nocitto, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Mariano Nocitto
Make up - Lanza Castelli
Styling - Lucila Santoro
Model - Lucila Godoy @ Civiles

Big thanks to La Despensa

Check out his flickr here.