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Life Less Ordinary by Michelle Fennel

For a fashion editorial to really get noticed in the crowded world of fashion photography, it will have to possess a little something extra. We believe you can only attain that little something if you put the right pieces of the puzzle together. The photographer, the designer, the hair and makeup artists, the location, and of course the model need to go together in harmony. Michelle Fennel‘s story Life Less Ordinary is an example of a puzzle put together with the perfect pieces.

I have always wanted to shoot at this specific location and when I saw the designs of Isago Couture and the pattern of the fabrics, I knew that it was time to finally do it,” Michelle says, “They are romantic, elegant and timeless.”

Shift dresses were invented in the 1920s, had their revival in 1960s and are still modern. So I wanted to bring them alive in a surrounding even older than the 20s to highlight the timeless feeling. I wanted it to be natural, free and light with the little heavy touch of romanticis.

Fashion designer Isago Couture is extremely satisfied with the result, and thinks the location fit her work well: “- This collection, just like all my designs, are inspired by the pure elegance of Hollywood. I love simple cuts which gets highlighted by playful details and speciality fabrics. I loved the concept of the shoot because the pattern of my designs fit perfectly to the location. The teamwork was incredible and the results are simply beautiful.

This Editorial visualizes exactly what I want to express with my designs: Elegance, style, and personality.

Michelle shares Isago’s views about the teamwork, and praises model Manuela B with East West Models: “- It was the very first time that we got to work together and it was a real pleasure. It all clicked right away and was totally at ease. I have to admit, that the Manuela became one of my favorite models instantly. She is so stunning, absolutely gorgeous and so fun to be with.

After having done creative portraiture for a while, Michelle decided to pursue her interest in fashion photography last summer, after meeting photographer Karsten Buch: “- In April 2011 at a photo studio warming party I met a photographer, Karsten Buch, who showed me his portfolio and I already knew many of his works and really enjoyed them but didn’t know that they were all by him. So I took my courage and asked him if I could assist him.

Since then Karsten and Michelle have maintained their working relationship, which evidentially led to this beautiful story being produced for Ben Trovato.

At the end of our conversation with Michelle she mentions that someone recently told her she might have a future in fashion. Well, future is now.

Photography by Michelle Fennel (Facebook Fan Page)
Fashion by Isago Couture.
Hair & Makeup by Karina Berg
Model: Manuela B. @ East West Models 
Assistant: Karsten Buch