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What Lies Beneath by Kate Friend

When British photographer Kate Friend recently traveled to Bali, there weren’t only lazy days and drinks with umbrellas that were on the agenda. The Creative Director of Mother Magazine was planning a shoot for Ben Trovato. The outcome is a mind blowing story exploring both the model’s world above and beneath the surface. “- Well the story was inspired by a black sand dreamscape, an inverted wilderness; the beach at the end of the world,” Kate says, and continues ”- I also wanted to explore the sensation of freedom in space. Shooting underwater was a great way to do this. Each image has its dream-equivalent; Widika’s above-water and below-water worlds. The shore stands at the edge of her subconscious; she walks the fine line between real and fantasy, between this world and the next.

Perfect for the role in Kate’s story What Lies Beneath, Widika @ Ford NY was styled by French Vietnamese designer MaiKhanh Bertrand, and sat at the back of the stallion Daytona.

Kate’s first camera came on a keyring when she was about 6: “- It was tiny, it took only 8 photos on a miniature film. I took one photo a day, all in the snow. It was immediate aesthetic discipline, and at the same time a path to endless new opportunities.” Now the NYC and London based photographer is making a name for herself internationally, proving her immense talent with stories that take your breath away.

Here’s What Lies Beneath by Kate Friend, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Kate Friend
Model - Widika @ Ford NY
Styling - MaiKhanh Bertrand
Stallion - Daytona

vest by Miss Milne

dress by Maiden Love

dress by Maiden Love

bathing suit by Maiden Love

shirt by Miss Milne

shirt by Miss Milne

Chain pieces and underwear throughout by M.KHANH
Rings and Bracelet throughout by Nagicia

Check out Kate’s portfolio here.