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Le Chic by Elizabeth Butner

Being only 19, Elizabeth Butner is already thoroughly experienced in the fashion business. She started out modeling at the age of 15 for brands such as Valentino and Missoni, and claims her creative pursuits stem from her earlier experiences in the business: “- I loved the atmosphere of photo shoots, mostly being surrounded by talented people who had such vitality and passion for their craft.

“After modeling jobs I’d ask the photographers a million and one questions to try to learn their trade.”

At 17 she invested in her camera and equipment, and less than a year later she was shooting with it full time. “I’m a creative person, I have to be inspired by something to invest my time into it and for me it doesn’t get any better than earning a living off something I find so enjoyable.

Today the Australia based photographer is making her debut on Ben Trovato, with a story featuring the gorgeous Caroline Wilson, entitled Le Chic.

Le Chic is a story expressing a young woman’s raw felinity using clothing as her canvas. Elizabeth’s main inspiration for the shoot was Caroline: “- I like to fit concepts around the person I am photographing. Caroline is extremely down to earth and easy going so it was a really enjoyable shoot. Some people just know how to connect and emote in front of a camera and maintain a certain intensity, Caroline is definitely one of those people.

Makeup artist and hair stylist Sheridan Meyers completed the team, and Elizabeth tells us of a fun day shooting: “- It was the first time working with Sheridan. She came to the shoot really enthusiastic & excited to be there, it brings a nice energy to the shoot and she understood what I wanted and captured my vision perfectly.

I had worked with Caroline once before when I first started out so it was our second shoot together and not the last I’m sure. It was a really great team, the day was relaxed, we didn’t have a time schedule to adhere to so we were able to take our time and have fun with it. It helps having a fun creative team & working with people who make you laugh, We all want each other to succeed thats the nice thing.

The playful styling was done by Elizabeth herself and she says she tried to put together “something that expressed femininity beyond a everyday sense.

“It’s about being creative and expressing yourself and dressing for yourself as apposed to being practical.”

Photography & styling by Elizabeth Butner
Makeup & hair by Sheridan Meyers
Model - Caroline Wilson