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Le Boudoir by Anne-Constance Frénoy

The former dancer and model Anne-Constance Frénoy revealed in her debut here on Ben Trovato that her main sources of inspiration were art, music, 70s aesthetics, love, nature, light and of course the female body curves. In her first Ben Trovato exclusive she mixes most of those with a 30s feel, and some nice vintage fashion: “- I had this idea of a Boudoir story, a girl alone in her apartment like the one I saw in one of my books about the 30s; I really enjoy the mystery of the brothel atmosphere.

Le Boudoir is a sensual story, starring the beautiful and alluring Polish model Olivka from Major Paris, with hair and make up done by Lisa Legrand, and styled by Joy Mattar with fashion from Fifi Chachnil and Ginette_NY among others.

Here’s Le Boudoir by Anne-Constance Frénoy, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Anne-Constance Frénoy
Styling - Joy Mattar
Make Up - Lisa Legrand @ Airport Paris
Model - Olivka @ Major Paris

Bra: Vintage.

Suit: Yrusha. Necklace: Ginette_NY.

Lingerie: Fifi Chachnil. Shirt: Vintage.

Suit: Yrusha. Kimono: Dévastée. Shoes: repetto. Jewellery: Ginette_NY.

Silk dress: Philosophie di Alberta Ferreti vintage. Stockings: Vintage.

Silk dress: Philosophie di Alberta Ferreti vintage. Stockings: Vintage.

Bra: Vintage. Lingerie and Corset: Fifi Chachnil. Stockings: Dim. Necklace: Ginette_NY.

Bodysuit: Yrusha. Corset: Fifi Chachnil.

Negligee: Fifi Chachnil. Stockings: Vintage.

Cashmere Sweater: Vintage. Stockings: Vintage.

Check out Anne-Constance’s portfolio here.