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Never Came by João Arraes

Inspired by a walk across Brooklyn Bridge, Brazilian photographer João Arraes set out to shoot fashion model Luana Teifke in a story symbolizing a wife’s wait for her husband at sea.

Yes, it is a story about a girl and her love that has gone off on a long and dangerous journey out to sea. She promises to wait for him, right where she is, until he returns. Years pass and he doesn’t return. Most people would have given up by this point, assuming that something has happened to their loved one and he’s never going to come back. But not this woman. She’s going to wait right there for the rest of her life, if necessary, because she really believes he’s coming back for her someday… Even though she’s realized he’s probably dead (hence the black styling), this still won’t stop her. She said she’ll wait forever for him, and she meant it,” João explains.

It was only the two of them on set, and João is ecstatic about Luana’s presence and ability to live the story: “Luana is a very very very good girl. I told her the story and she went for it. It’s the second time I work with her, and I always love it.

João is based out of Recife, Brazil, and started out taking pictures for Brazilian fashion designer Melk Zda after having discovered photography at an early age.

Photography & Styling by João Arraes
Modelling by Luana Teifke @ One Model Management