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Intimate Affair by Pablo Curto

Last year after completing his degree in engineering, Madrid based Pablo Curto decided to give fashion photography a go. He’s been off to a flying start, and what Pablo has created so far has been mind-blowing. So, with his fourth fashion editorial ever, he debuts on Ben Trovato.

I guess that’s why intimacy is such a recurring theme for me in photography: i’m new in fashion, so i’m still inspired by the real women i’ve met, their homes, their beds and the light through their windows,” Pablo confesses. “I’m all for grain and imperfections, by the way, it just helps create a much more personal connection with the image.

Intimate Affair is all about Laura, the model that stars in this sensual and seductive tale. Laura has been around the fashion scene in Spain for years now, and most recently she starred in a commercial for Agent Provocateur.

But we wanted to turn it around, shoot her in a much more relaxed mood but still keep it lingerie,” Pablo says, adding “[..] and Laura is an amazing professional. I remember her crawling in bed for the first shot and just giving us the perfect attitude without no direction at all: she just got the story and played her part perfectly. Plus, she’s fun and easy-going and has the most gorgeous green eyes.

Elisa Mañas kept her hair and makeup natural and Eva Barrallo took care of styling with La Perla being the predominant brand, along with pieces by Armani Collezioni, Wolford and Calzedonia.

Eva Barrallo has styled my four shoots: she won me over when she quoted Kevin Spacey in her answer to the first email I sent her! Her work is edgy and sexy but not over-the-top, which is the reason our styles work so well together. It was the first time we worked with Elisa Mañas, and she just gets fashion. She kept a very close eye on details during the shoot, came up with great ideas and is extremely talented: I hope to keep working with her for a long time!”

Stylist Eva Barrallo says she put her emphasis on “[..] simple yet sophisticated pieces, sensual and in warm tones that would merge with her skin, portray a woman of natural beauty and implicit elegance.”

Last but now least, we and Pablo would like to thank Happy Mondays, Laura Moure’s wonderful agency who let us shoot the amazing model.

Photography by Pablo Curto
Styling by Eva Barrallo
Hair & Makeup by Elisa Mañas
Model - Laura Moure @ Happy Mondays