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The Abandoned by Billy Rood

Chicago based photographer Billy Rood has just shot his first exclusive for Ben Trovato. The Abandoned features the mysterious Hilary Anderson who was styled by Helen Berkun, and had hair and make up done by Traci Fine.

Billy says this about the story: “- Well this particular story was inspired by a town called GARY, IN. It was known to be the murder capital of the world, and is pretty much abandoned. Most of the town is spread apart with abandoned buildings everywhere. I went to check it out one day and decided to use it for a fashion story. I know from the feel of the locations I wanted the story to be pretty but extremely creepy and mysterious at the same time. Thought the contrast of soft and pretty to the abandoned and the decaying buildings would be interesting.

Billy’s work has been featured in publications such as Bambi Magazine, The Dirty Durty Diary, Factio, KITTEN and CS Magazine, and he’s currently in the process of moving to New York.

He started teaching himself photography back in 2008, and fashion photography followed the year after: “- It wasn’t until 2009 where I became interested in fashion photography. About 6 months after I started to get more serious into my work and developing my style.

He says that most of his inspiration comes from his dreams, stories, and music, and adds: “- The combination of those 3 always take me to places I end up wanting to photograph or tell. I love location shooting as well…especially to places that are unique and have a sense of history to them. But I am also inspired by timeless work of Tim Walker, Paolo Roversi, Glen Luchford, Steven Meisel & Bruno Aveillan.

Some of Billy's Previous Commercial Work Includes:

Here’s The Abandoned by Billy Rood, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Billy Rood (figphoto.net)
Model - Hilary Anderson @ FACTOR Women
Styling - Helen Berkun @ MISSRED, INC
Styling Assistant - Annie Del Walsh
Hair/Makeup - Traci Fine @ Artists by Timothy Priano
Photo Assists - Alaina Africano & Samantha Pletzke

Shoes by Gasoline Glamour. CHIQUITA SPIKE SHOES.

Check out his portfolio here. and here.