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She Needs Somebody To Hold by Facundo Garay

I wanted aggressive eyes, but with finesse, spiced with a bit of rock and roll!” Facundo Garay says of his latest story for Ben Trovato. The fourth in a row of magnificent fashion tales shot exclusively for his favorite online publication.

She Needs Somebody To Hold features fashion model Julieta Enriquez, and was shot by the river close to where Facundo lives taking advantage of the foggy cold winter days in Argentina.

“It was our first time working together… we had a lovely connection. I tried to make her hate me a bit to provoke an attitude and a deep look in her eyes… She kept saying: ‘I don’t hate you, but what a ·#%&$ cold and rainy day!’”

It was also the first time Facundo worked with makeup artist and hair stylist Sofi Lanza Castelli, but his second time with fashion stylist Agus Jofré: “I’m very very and very happy to have met her, because I love her work, her finesse, her delicate and thorough way to choose each outfit for each picture, and of course, her personality!

Agus says while talking to Facundo preparing the shoot, that they decide early to punk Julieta up a little bit. “We had the location and it was a chilly rainy day… so that helped to get Julieta in a pissed off mood. I know this guy who makes these wonderful rock n roll and mortorcycle inspired jewelry and had these awesome denim vests from Lovers and Fuckers, so that was kind of the center of my inspiration for the clothes. Then I found these awesome independent brands Ame Noire and Natalia Fantasyseven wich helped to conceive the whole idea of the wardrobe.

Photography by Facundo Garay
Modelling by Julieta Enriquez @ Rebel Models Management
Styling by Agus Jofré
Makeup & hair by Sofi Lanza Castelli