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Grunge Glam by Michael Stonis

Once in a while when you assemble teams together for shoots, you just know it’ll produce dynamite. We were contacted by Gasoline Glamour some time back about their new shoes, and as you might remember, we’ve successfully featured some Gasoline Glamour pieces before. Jaws fell to the floor as we saw the new goodies, and we immediately agreed to include them in a shoot. We then contacted Michael Stonis, who we’ve wanted to do a shoot with for a while. He then got in touch with stylist Jacqueline Lavaun who also styled the amazing story by NIcole L. Hill we produced a few weeks ago. Asha and Amanda from Photogenics were booked. Amanda making her fourth appearance on Ben Trovato, the popular Libertine by Harper Smith being the most recent one. In other words, this was a true Ben Trovato production.

Makeup artist Jason Sanchez and hair stylist Jose Monzonw joined the team for the shoot at Geisha Studio in Los Angeles, making their first appearance on Ben Trovato.

Michael says he wanted Grunge Glam to have a very free-flowing and natural with a vintage feel to it. “The tough part was bringing the shoes into the concept. That’s where the idea where the girls taking photos of each other came in. I think it gave purpose and transition from grunge to glam,” he says before adding “I envisioned this shoot to have a sense of reality to it. Having pieces I could see people wearing out on the streets with a dash on glam.

Michael explains that he try to always concept ideas inspired by everyday life. “I think it helps keep things real and natural. I daydream a lot and always keep a pen and pad of paper in the car. I’m always taking notes or scribbling down ideas.

How was it working with the team? “I have worked with Jason (makeup artist) and Jose (hair stylist) quite a few times, which is very comforting knowing their quality of work they bring, plus they are fun to be around and have great energy. It was my first time working with Jacqueline. We had a few conversations before the shoot about the direction and how we would tie together the hippy/retro vibe with Gasoline Glamour’s over the top style. I think she knocked it out of the park!” Michael says. “Amanda and Asha were both very easy going and great to work with,” he says when we ask him about the two gorgeous models. He continues “On a side note, next time I won’t give Amanda a camera with a new roll of film in it. She plowed through the entire roll in 40 seconds posing with Asha taking her picture. Haha!

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Jacqueline is also excited about the story as we ask her about the styling: “- This editorial spread was one of my favorite to style to date. Often, as a stylist, you interpret themes and concepts and only a trace of your own personal style comes through.

I was really excited about this story, marrying the grunge of Kurt Cobain rocker inspired clothing with the glam of Lady Gaga-esque accessories creates my dream closet.

It becomes a story about girls who dress exactly how I want to dress each and every day. The overall vibe becomes fresh, fun, and edgy, but still manages to stay feminine.

How was it working with the breathtaking Gasoline Glamour pieces? “- Working with Gasoline Glamour is the best kind of sensory overload. When I pull Shannon’s accessories out on set, it becomes the most exciting version of show and tell ever. Photographers, makeup, hair, models- everyone instantly gets a burst of inspiration (and often ends up in an iphone/facebook photo upload frenzy).

“That’s when you know you are working with a revolutionary designer- when simply pulling their pieces out of wardrobe boxes and bags inspires an entire team.”

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Photography - Michael Stonis
Assistant to Photographer - Connor Stewart
Styling - Jacqueline Lavaun
Makeup - Jason Sanchez
Hair - Jose Monzonw
Models - Amanda & Asha at Photogenics
Location - Geisha Studio Los Angeles