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Sicilian Girl by Greg Adamski

Warsaw based fashion photographer Greg Adamski is no stranger to The Ben Trovato Blog. Since being featured back in August 2010 for his story Nightwatching and then again in January 2011 for Dark Instinct, we caught up with him to discuss his latest fashion editorial for Ben Trovato: Sicilian Girl.

Inspiration were taken from old Italian movies full of sun, and some Visconti. The orchestra of colors and beautiful vintage style is just unbreakable. I also found inspiration in an old post German huge house, where time was stopped by the owner. City Wrocław belonged to the Germans before Second World War so you can find plenty of houses like that. Why sicilian then? Well, I found it in beautiful stylizations made by Anna, lightning, and models.”

Paying careful attention to detail, Greg was also very aware of the type of people he wanted on his team. Fortunately working with his models Weronika of S/New Age Models and Nikola, as well as his stylist Ania Rózga, he was able to emulate his ideal Sicilian Girl,“I was a fan of Weronica’s beauty since I took her first pictures some time back, so I had to shoot her again!”

Ania Rózga was also able to give her take on styling Sicilian Girl“To be honest, I came up with the idea spontaneously, nearly on the set. The photographer showed me this location before and I couldn’t help but fell in love with it! Beautiful, old house brought this image of houses on Sicily, which is one of my beloved places of all time and where I’ve spend couple of months some time ago. Each of the looks was inspired by something completely different and I can’t answer this question firmly as I would have problems with explaining my work process, how I come up with the ideas and so on. I think they’re all special and interesting. I used various fabrics, mixed sorts of textures for I collected these clothes from many different places - fancy boutiques as well as second hand shops, grandma’s wardrobe, popular chain shops, you name it! Then I combined everything.”

And since being first featured here on BT, Greg says, “I’m getting more distance to my works and to the fashion world. You need it if you want to develop all the time.” Distance or not, his work just always keeps us coming back for more.

Photography - Greg Adamski
Makeup & styling - Ania Rózga @ Milk
Models - Nicola/Weronika @ S/New Age Models