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The Girl At The End of The World By Graham Dunn

Los Angeles based fashion photographer Graham Dunn says he “sort of fell into fashion photography after working in commercials for a bit and doing some experimenting with my wife’s camera. I really loved how much focus and attention you could put on each picture, rather than the 24 frames-a-second you have with motion, and I also found I loved shooting people.Today he’s making his debut on Ben Trovato with his exclusive story entitled The Girl At The End of The World, starring Sabine at Next. He describes the editorial as a tale about being a lonely kid in the suburbs “- off in your own world, just you and your imagination.

The story is inspired by the early 90s, and those sort of hazy memories of childhood,” Graham says, and goes on to explain that on a daily basis he could find himself being inspired by all sorts of things: “—often music, the drive to tell a little story, the places around me that I happen upon on accident, reminiscing, youth, the people I get to work with, the beautiful weather, everything can be an inspiration!

The shoot was styled by Wild At Heart, make up was done by Tania D. Russell, and hair was done by Juxta. Most of them working together for the first time, Graham explains: “- I hadn’t worked with Tania before, who did the great natural makeup, and this was also the first time I’d worked with Sabine—she was a boss! I collaborate with and am inspired by Juxta and Wild At Heart all the time; we’re old pals…

We caught up with Kelley at Wild At Heart, her to describe the styling of the story: “- I was looking to do something youthful and a bit unkept. I thought of Sabine as playing that rebellious teen who roams around her neighborhood after school looking for boys but playing it cool. You know how that story goes… Sabine is a superstar and it was a pleasure playing dress up with her.

Photography - Graham Dunn
Styling - Wild At Heart
Hair - Juxta
Makeup - Tania D. Russell using Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics
Model - Sabine @ Next Model Management
Special thanks to Sydney @ Next Model Management