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Film: The PLASTIC SLIPPER by Joseph Marconi

Today is the world premiere of Joseph Marconi’s new fashion film, The PLASTIC SLIPPER, and Ben Trovato Blog is the first place to show it! The film features actress and model Christina Rose, is produced by Kathryn Shapiro and Anna Turkot. MARTINA did the styling, and Jillian Halouska did the hair and make up.

Joseph says this about The PLASTIC SLIPPER: “- This was an ambitious project for me. From early on the art direction was established… a 60s French/Italian/Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired shoot. The concept is what took some time, finding a way to make a provocative, yet fun, video about a woman constructing an empty and plastic relationship. There were quite a few set backs but in the end it came together over 12 hrs on a Friday.

The New York City based photographer claims he’s always been shooting, and says he used to run around with his father’s Canon AE-1 shooting his sister and brother as a kid: “- In high-school my friends and I made awful parodies with our video cameras, kinda like Jack-ass and that shit. I continued shooting in college but only over the past 3-4 years have I really started to take it seriously. doing my homework and investigating different techniques and such. I worked in advertising as an art director so I have a solid foundation in photoshop which enabled me to be really comfortable editing on the back-end of photography.

He tells me beauty, and the disconnection between him and it inspires him, and explains: “- I see something or someone “beautiful”, a young woman clumsily adjusting her glasses or an old man smoking a cigar, and I want to absorb it and understand it. Difficulty inspires me; a constant feeling of something missing, a push towards a thought or person… these thoughts cause me to ask myself lots and lots of questions about the relationship between “me” and “you”. Many photographers and directors inspire me visually but what really gets me are those with a unique story, a certain feel or touch behind the lens that no matter how technically good you are you’ll never quite match up. Anton Corbijn and Ellen Von Unwerth are a few photographers that come to mind. Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro González Iñárritu. I love their connection to reality and their ability to bend it. I also haven’t slept in more than a few days and I’m a couple of glasses of wine deep so I hope this makes sense.

The wine is much deserved, because it’s time for the world premiere of his latest fashion film. Ben Trovato presents The PLASTIC SLIPPER and the editorial that goes with it:

Starring Christina Rose (
Directed by Joseph Marconi (
Hair & Make up by Jillian Halouska (
Music Coordination by Kathryn Shapiro ([email protected])
Produced by Kathryn Shapiro, Anna Turkot
Styling by MARTINA

Make sure to check out his portfolio and blog.