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Far Afield by Kathrin Müller-Heffter

Munich based photographer Kathrin Müller-Heffter is a talented creative making her way up the fashion photography latter these days. After she studied photography she continued to assist until 2009, when she decided going solo. Today she’s making her debut on Ben Trovato, with the first ever official publication of her work. Ben Trovato presents Far Afield by Kathrin Müller-Heffter, a BT exclusive story featuring model Fee Meyers, styled by Sigi Brettner, with hair and make up done by Stefano D’Attilia.

Kathrin finds inspiration in a lot of things, may that be a movie, the work of other photographers, or even beautiful landscape: “- but every time I see great color combinations, simple and graphic moods, I fall in love with it and it creates a basis of my work.

Photography - Kathrin Müller-Heffter
Styling - Sigi Brettner @ Tune Artists (www.tune-artists.com)
Hair & Make up - Stefano D’Attilia @ Tune Artists (www.tune-artists.com)
Model - Fee Meyers @ Tune Models (www.tune-models.com)

Check out her portfolio here.