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Ego Pluralis by Sarah St Clair Renard

- I took my first photography class when I was 16, in high school. But when I was about 7 I got a little weird camera from my mom, I think it was some kind of Minolta Autopack. It brought on this compulsive documentation-phase and I chronicled my grandparents house in a very specific manner. I’ve since then stopped compulsivily documenting and more and more I just enjoy moments and let them inspire my brain for later photography rather than snapping at everything,” says Sarah St Clair Renard, an emerging Los Angeles based photographer who has just shot her first exclusive story for Ben Trovato. Ego Pluralis is a dark story playing on multiple personalities, featuring the fantastic model, musician and actress CC Sheffield. She was styled by Ton Aguilar, her make up was done by Devin Joplin, and her hair by Lana Grand.

Sarah says this about the story: “- The inspiration to the story came from images of rockstars in the 70s. Mick Jagger, Patti Smith and the idea of what looks or elements in an image symbolize different personalities.

The model, CC Sheffield, is also a brilliant musician and an actress and working with her really brought the story to life. She has such a great raw energy about her and she’s secure enough in herself to have fun with it. I really wish I had that experience more often with subjects.

Sarah is very much inspired by contemporary art, daily news and random things on the street. She adds: “- love going to museums and voyeristic experiences. Expeditions to places I haven’t been before, even if just in the city. There’s always more so see and experience in a big city. Yesterday I walked 3 blocks away from my studio and, I swear, it was a different universe. There was a group of Scientologist cleaning the street in their little neat outfits and gangsters with pitbulls in a yard with golden fountains. It made me think of how different we all experience every day. Photography really is all about voyerism for me.

We are proud to present to you, Ego Pluralis by Sarah St Clair Renard, for Ben Trovato:

Photography - Sarah St Clair Renard (sarahrenard.com)
Styling - Ton Aguilar (tonaguilar.com)
Make up - Devin Joplin (devjop.com)
Hair - Lana Grand (lanagrandhair.com)
Model - CC Sheffield (itsccsheffield.com) @ Next Model Managment (nextmodels.com)

Check out her portfolio here.