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Double Sunset by Emman Montalvan

Emman's One Frame Fame with Leore

When Emman Montalvan shot Leore for Ben Trovato summer of 2011, in a beautiful story entitled Park Ranger, they found a connection that has proved to be fruitful for the two arising stars. Since then the two have appeared together on BT on two additional occasions, in Leore & Martine, and in Emman’s One Frame Fame in December last year.

This time the two are taking us to the eclectic Venice Beach, one of BT’s favorite places in the world, in their story Double Sunrise. “I really wanted to capture Venice and show how its such a staple place to visit if you’re in Los Angeles,” Emman says, and continues “Venice kinda sums up LA in one whole place. Its always tricky shooting around Venice because it can get too crowded. But we shot on such a good day where the California lighting was just rad!

His inspiration for the shoot was California and Californian girls. He explains: “- Californian girls are just so rock’n'roll and fun loving. I love them and can’t get enough of them.” But perhaps the most important source of inspiration was the band Bee Eyes, and especially their song Double Sunset which the title of the story is taken from. The editorial was actually shot while also shooting Bee Eyes’ music video for the song. The music video is set to be released in March, and was directed by Steve Tirona.

About the collaborations between Leore and himself, he says he loves working with her: “- I work with different models all the time, but the chemistry that Leore and I have is just unexplainable. From the first time we shot with Park Ranger, I knew we were both creatively on par with each other. Its kinda like if Kate Moss is to Mario Testino, then Leore is to me. I believe Leore has a bright future in this industry- her gorgeous yet relatable look and kick ass attitude makes her amazing!! She’s a true gem.

The shoot was styled by the two, and makeup was done by Leore herself.

Photography by Emman Montalvan
Model - Leore @ Photogenics