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Do Not Disturb by Jens Ingvarsson

Jens Ingvarsson is not unfamiliar to the regular BTB follower. His feature back in April was an instant classic, and now he’s back to shake you up again. Jens has made the move from Bangkok to New York City, and is busier than ever before.

Do Not Disturb is a sizzling story shot exclusively for BTB, including Ashley Lindsay Morgan Smithline (Exodus MGMT). Stylings is done by Marina Ponomareva, hair and make up by Nicole Danino, and the fashion is provided by Fredericks of Hollywood, Rubbish, and Steve Madden.

Full credits
Photography and retouching: Jens Ingvarsson
Model: Ashley Lindsay Morgan Smithline, (Exodus MGMT)
Hair & Make-up: Nicole Danino
Stylist: Marina Ponomareva
Fashion: underwear Fredericks of Hollywood, flanel shirt Rubbish, shoes Steve Madden

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