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Coventina by Amanda Fordyce

Amanda Fordyce started out studying fine arts and working mainly on images created without camera, playing and painting with light in the darkroom. She then went on to assist for several fashion and advertising photographers for about 4 years, to learn the technical side of photography. Now Amanda is on her own, and she is ready to take on the world of fashion photography.

Her first stop on her way to the top is a beautiful Ben Trovato exclusive titled Coventina. Amanda brought together a team of creatives who are masters in their own field letting them all bring their talent to the table, and bounce off each other: “- Yeah, and I love being the director of all of it,” Amanda says, and continues: “- In this case I had the pleasure of working with jewelry designer House of Baulch, hair and make up artist Nadja Mott, who also styled this shoot, and most importantly the super hot Jade Jackson! Definitely a shoot to remember…great crew and came quite close to getting arrested for shooting in the middle of a new busy freeway with a half naked model!

As many other photographers, Amanda get’s her inspiration from a wide array of sources and life experiences, but coming from a fine art background has definitely shaped her: “- Paintings and drawings where a big part in the beginning but most significant inspiration now I’d say comes from great music, fashion and films and all the incredible photographers and creatives that I have the opportunity to meet or work with in this industry. In regards to specific people that rock my socks, well the list could go on for days, I am forever finding new photographers, artists, musicians and designers that continue to inspire me and my want to get better and better. But just to name a few photographers, and each for different reasons, some more for their personal work and some for their fashion and advertising: Michelangelo di Battista, Elizaveta Porodina, Kalle Gustafsson, Paola Kudacki, Felix Lammers, Alex Lubomirski, Juliet Taylor, Elizaveta Porodina, Camilla Åkrans, Will Davidson and Benny Horne.

She’s currently based out of Melbourne, but will spend all of this September in New York City. Living, shooting and experiencing the vibe of one of the world’s fashion capitols.

Here’s Coventina by Amanda Fordyce, for Ben Trovato:

Photography by Amanda Fordyce
Photography Assistant – Sheree Porter
Styling and Hair & Make up by Nadja Mott
Stylist Assistant – Rowan Dinning
Model - Jade Jackson

Jewelry by House of Baulch
Dress by OBUS
T-shirt and Boots by Material By Product

Check out Amanda’s portfolio here.