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City Slickers by Kesler Tran

A story completely inspired by the model, her face, and the personality behind it. Fashion photographer Kesler Tran is almost lost for words when we ask him about his work. It is a pure result of an artist and a muse meeting in total harmony.

From Kesler's first story for Ben Trovato, Escape.

On this shoot there was no team, just the model and me. I wanted to keep the shoot as raw / natural as possible, so bare face, and run with what the model brought for wardrobe, I did use a custom Shredded T-Shirt that was made by my friend Diane Jong.

And that’s it. That’s what they needed, because when Noora from Pinkerton stepped in front of Kesler’s camera the results were bound to be amazing.

“She’s an absolute gem in lack of better words; very dynamic and full of energy, behind the freckles she sports a great personality and a very sarcastic sense of humor.”

Photography by Kesler Tran
Modelling by Noora @ Pinkerton Models