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Childhood Dream by Hannah Hedin

The creative partnership between photographer Hannah Hedin and makeup artist Andrea Enström has produced quality work for a few years now, and avid Ben Trovato followers might remember when the duo made their debut on Ben Trovato almost exactly a year ago with their story Bikers Dream.

Now the duo that goes by the name of Lilac is back with another memorable performance. Childhood Dream is a story about the fight between staying innocent and young, and when the society wants you to grow up and be a woman. “It is a difficult time in almost every girls life,” Hannah says, adding: “The balloons symbolizes the playfulness and the colorful clothing symbolizes the “princess in every girl” - yet the clothes are made for a grown up woman and Lovisa’s [model] expressions are bit confused and irritated.

Hannah’s main inspiration for the editorial was model Lovisa E with Stockholmsgruppen, and her own corresponding story. “Lovisa is a young girl, only 15 years old, working in a business where she’s transformed in to a woman all the time,” Hannah explains.

To Lovisa the storyline and emotions came naturally, and Hannah can’t stop praising her work: “- Lovisa is a blast to work with. She’s new to the profession but already a pro. I was the first photographer to shoot her when she first started working as a model and I instantly fell in love with her look! So when I decided to do this shoot Lovisa was the model I wanted.

Joining Lilac’s team in addition to Lovisa was hair stylist Galia Mediana Nurmi, fashion stylist Elin Freiman and assistant Emma Elsässer. “The team I worked with during this shoot are all friends of mine that has been in the fashion business for many years. Me and my colleague at Lilac feel very blessed to have such talented and creative people around us!

Stylist Elin Freiman, who styled Childhood Dreams together with Lilac explains that “… the wardrobe played between the girly and the feminine. The clothes have a classic silhouette with a childish color scale that we matched with adorable jewelry.

Photography by Hannah Hedin
Makeup by Andrea Enström
Hair by Galina Medina Nurmi
Styling by LILAC together with Elin Freiman
Model - Lovisa E @ Stockholmsgruppen
Photoassistent - Emma Elsässer