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Blown Away by Andrew Brauteseth

Cape Town based photographer Andrew Brauteseth has been shooting full time for about two years, and within that period he’s been published in almost every major South African magazine, as well as German Elle and Italian Colors Magazine. Ben Trovato is up next with this vibrant story, titled Blown Away, featuring beautiful model Dunnet Dumas. Andrew says this about the story: “- Blown Away was a simple fashion story I wanted to shoot in my suburb in the city for a while. It’s a tough location to work with because there are so many old and new buildings but I liked the mixture of textures. I also didn’t want the pictures to be all sharply focused. I wanted to convey a sense of energy through poses and the colors and vibrant surroundings.

He’s inspired by hundreds of people, and not only photographers and film directors: “- also artists, writers, designers and musicians. Everyone from Thom Yorke to William Eggleston to Bruno Aveillan.

Photography - Andrew Brauteseth
Styling - Neira Zahirovic
Model - Donnet Dumas

Check out his portfolio here.