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In Bloom by Sarah St Clair Renard

“In bloom – a brief stage seen in nature that mirrors youth. The moment right before the rosebud opens up and becomes a full beautiful flower, climbing out of and becoming yourself in the spring of your life.”

That’s how Los Angeles based photographer Sarah St Clair Renard explains her second story for Ben Trovato. “I was inspired by spring in LA, even though we don’t have harsh seasons, is such a sudden and tropical explosion of colors,” she says, adding “I wanted to do something fun and light to merge with Kelly’s beautiful young look and innocence.

Being in her first week of modelling, Kelly at Ford LA was a real natural when working on her third ever shoot. “She had a lot of questions, but is a natural talent. It’s so interesting how some girls never get it, and others, like Kelly, just step right in and is so comfortable in front of a camera at such a young age. It really was such a pleasure to work with her and I think she’s going to go far as a model if that’s the direction she chooses.

Joining them on set was stylist Yoon Choi, and hair stylist and makeup artist Juanita Lyon at Celestine Agency. “Yoon Choi, the stylist, pulled together some really nice clothes. She blended vintage and contemporary so effortlessly and really has a good eye for an interesting combination while keeping it simple. Also working with Juanita Lyon from Celestine for hair and make-up was a revelation. She completely got the simplicity of it and I couldn’t be happier with how she changed up Kelly to just the right degree, highlighting and embracing her features. This was the first shoot the three of us did together, but it felt like a good combination of people so I’m sure we’ll work together again soon.

Yoon says she focused on looks that were bright and timeless: “We incorporated beautiful retro dresses, skirts, tops, and pants. I wanted to create looks that could pull from modern day and use a pop of color.

Photography by Sarah St Clair Renard
Modelling by Kelly C at Ford LA
Styling by Yoon Choi
Hair & Makeup by Juanita Lyon at Celestine Agency