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The Black Bride by Laura Cammarata

Since she started shooting at the age of 16, the 20-year-old Palermo based photographer Laura Cammarata has been dreaming of having her work published. Today is the day when she takes the stage in front of an international audience, with her first Ben Trovato Exclusive titled The Black Bride. Model Chiara Quartararo is dressed in her mother’s old wedding dress, with suitable make up and hair done by Adriana Tedeschi, all perfectly put together to transform Chiara into the Black Bride. Laura says this about the story: “- ‘The Black Bride’ idea was born a few months ago when I was casually looking through a bride magazine: the models were perfect, smiley, in the right place at the right time. I liked the idea of reversing this perfection into something more dramatic and strong. So, I decided to mix this angelic idea of bride with the image of the Black Widow. Then, my team and I decided about the dress, makeup and the location. The dress is appropriate, it reminds me of some elegant old style and a bit creepy at the same time.

She says that literally everything surrounding her can be a great source of inspiration: movies, songs, books, fashion magazines, but of course, also masters of photography such as Richard Avedon, Tim Walker, Rodney Smith, Irving Penn just to mention a few: “- There are so many things to list. Since I started getting more and more interested in photography 3 years ago, everything I have seen, listened and experienced has begun a stable part of my imagery. Sometimes, I can still remember scenes of my childhood, as if they were just there, ready to pop up and give me inspiration.
Some nights I can also dream about shots I’ve not taken yet and this gives me great ideas!

Here’s The Black Bride by Laura Cammarata, for Ben Trovato:

Photography and Styling – Laura Cammarata
Hair & Make up – Adriana Tedeschi
Model – Chiara Quartararo

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