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VAGA Magazine Launched

NYC based Art Director Fernando Lahoz (featured on BTB March 2010) just launched VAGA, a biannual, New York based printed fashion magazine. Each issue is theme oriented showcasing original fashion editorials along with exclusive high quality articles, interviews and featured profiles from the fashion industry. Fernando says this about VAGA: “- For VAGA, I created a magazine where new/emerging artists/photographers/designers/filmmakers are placed next to veterans in the industry. As an art director working in the fashion industry, I spend a lot of time doing research (looking for new, interesting and different visuals that inspire me to transmit my messages in a different way) so I wanted to create a way to do something relevant with this huge “encyclopedia” of images and visuals, bringing them to the public eye. Think of it as a way to return the favor to all these anonymous people who inspired me, hopefully inspiring someone else.

Sounds like a BTB way of doing things. Fernando continues: “- Imagine a conversation between Irving Penn and a small child about photography, the small child shoots beautiful polaroids and posts them into his flickr account. I don’t know if it would be that much of a conversation… there is something really interesting about the democracy of the digital era and how you can showcase your work. It is like any child with a digital camera can be famous in a way and own space through a google image search -which works as an infinite art gallery-. Of course you still need the talent and dedication but I think it is a good outlet for anyone with passion and talent. They can finally create no matter the resources they have or where they live.

VAGA Issue No. 1 Fall/Winter 2010 is a 1,000-copy limited edition, available online and in selected newsstands. VAGA Magazine is a perfect bound 154 pages - 9″x11″ high quality publication.

UPDATE! See VAGA story Sexy RAW by GL Wood here.

Here’s a preview:

Check out VAGA Magazine here.