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BTB news is here!

Another chapter in Ben Trovato Blog’s history unfolds. Having played an important role in the fashion photography business as a platform where talent is showcased and discovered, and where professional and aspiring photographers find inspiration, it is only natural that we take it to the next level.

There are a lot of exciting things happening on the fashion photography- and photography scene in general, and I believe BTB could grow to be a great platform where the most exciting news can be gathered on one site. So with BTB news we will be covering news relevant to the regular BTB reader, be that gallery openings, magazine launches, equipment updates, and other photography, art and fashion related topics.

With the news section comes a greater editorial responsibility. As a consequence Björn Van Poucke will join BTB and contribute in maintaining this ever-growing blog. Van Poucke is the guy behind the brilliant Banksy Street Art, and I believe he will be able to help BTB meet the growing expectations of the readers.

I hope you’ll enjoy this development, and please help spread the word.

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Thank you,

Marius Troy