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Photography by Virginie Dubois

Paris based photographer Virginie Dubois bought her first camera at the end of 2008, and started taking pictures just for fun. “- I was impressed by all the buttons….i thought this job was “push the button”, yes ok, it’s cool but wich one? It was really just for fun and now it’s my job!

She names photographers as Chris Heads, Steve Hiett and Nirrimi Hakanson as inspirational, but she says that most of her inspiration comes from within:”- Actually my work is a part of me, just what I am, a child hidden in an adult’s body and I look for this small place of madness in which we hide.”

Virginie’s work has been featured in publications such as C-Heads Mag, Dirrty Glam and Vox magazine, and at the moment she’s working on a few new fashion stories: “- I met a great stylist (a crazy girl) and we plan to shoot in a house who burned few days ago, it could be awesome, but i’m waiting for the authorization!

Here’s some of her work:

Check out the rest of her work here.