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Photography by Valentina Frugiuele

Valentina Frugiuele has always been interested in photography, even since she was a little kiddo she loved shooting landscapes and various reportages. Since 3 years she’s been focusing on fashion photography in particular, with success: her pictures have been featured in magazines such as RoseBuzz, Dirrty-Glam, Lurve, Neo2, L’edito, Vanity Teen and Schon to but a few.

-I’m inspired by beauty“, says Valentina, “I love to have a nice model, adapt the lighting and make a beautiful composition. I want my pictures to look solid and strong. Furthermore I admire classics peinters that focus on strength, simplicity and technique. In photography I’m a big fan of the Numéro photographers such as Camilla Akrans, Greg Kadel, David Sims and Peter Lindbergh (who I saw in action and he was amazing!)

Go to valentinafrugiuele.com to see her impressive portfolio.