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Photography by She Is Frank

Something very important you need to know about Frank is that Frank does not take photos of pretty girls against pretty backdrops. Frank shoots reality.

Melbourne based photographer She Is Frank is inspired by her own fears and emotions. She’s presenting women who exist in a messed up world, but still remain strong and beautiful. Her models are indulging in her fears. Fears about being alone, about living in a world with no water, about being killed, about always being watched, about pissing of mother nature with all our environmental crimes, about our obsession with watching tragic events on the news and about the junk we put in our bodies.

Being at the early stages of her career, she’s rapidly building up an impressive portfolio, and I can’t wait to see what she will bring us in the future. Here’s some of here work:

Photography by She Is Frank on Ben Trovato 9

Photography by She Is Frank on Ben Trovato 11

Photography by She Is Frank on Ben Trovato 8

Check out her blog here. Her portfolio is being updated at the moment, but I will shout out on facebook and twitter once it’s up!