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Photography by Rory DCS

London based photographer Rory DCS discovered nightclub photography back in 2007, while doing a BA in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion, and did a lot of event photography up until the binning of this year:” - I turned to fashion because going out every night to take photos was starting to kill me!

He’s inspired by the works of photographers such as Camilla Åkrans, Mert and Marcus, and Paolo Roversi, and explains:” - I like people who have a style and stick with it, adapting it to different roles.

His work has been featured all over, including publications such as Cooler, Fallen, Platform, Tank Observer Fashion, Vice, Italian Glamour, What!?, Arthur and Albert, Sunday Times Style, Time Out, and SuperSuper. And now? Well he’s keeping busy:” - At the moment I am setting an art project with an installation artist, Polly Brown, which will be a set of large format print exhibition, as well as starting off my own zine and trying to find broaden my horizons outside of London magazines.

Here’s some of his work:

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