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Photography by Jens Ingvarsson

Bangkok based fashion photographer Jens Ingvarsson has been working professionally for about 1,5 years, but owning and managing his own model agency (Exodus Model Management) has kept him from really going for it. “Thus I had no shortage of models willing to de some fun test-shoots, but now I’d like to push things further and get some exposure as an aspiring fashion photographer.

Some of his work is greatly inspired by the works of Terry Richarson, Juergen Teller and Helmut Newton, but it is all a process of testing different styles and techniques before really finding his own personal style: “I tried working inseveral different styles and only lately hav I started to figure out what I want my photography to look like. Most of the time photography is a source of fun and joy for me, and not something I do for living, at least yet.

Here’s some of his work:

Check out the rest of his work here.